About “pekkles”:

My name is Arlene, and I’m a full-time university student on the East Coast. I cook many of my meals in my dorm kitchen, and most of what I make is what I’ve learned from my wonderful mother. Sometimes I just go crazy and dump a bunch of random things onto high heat, though.

I’m still pretty new at this, and I’m learning… but I think that I’m a rather good learner. And my food hasn’t really turned out bad at all, so far! Except for that one instance… which I’m not going to talk about- only that, everyone should keep in mind that just because instant ramen is dried, it’s not invincible.

I’m ultimately no more than a college kid, though, so my food definitely reflects that. My supplies are limited, as well as my free time (except during the summer!), so if you are a fellow student, this might serve as a rough guide to what you cooooould be making in your room at night~

I do have one huge advantage- there is a Chinatown nearby, and I go there several times a week for work and practice anyway. Plus I’ll be moving there soon, I got pushed to the dorm furthest from campus for the next year T____T There are definitely ways of getting the ingredients I use even if you don’t live in a sea of Chinese immigrants, though.