Sample care packages from pandagrl (Mary)

Review under the cut.

First of all, the shipping was amazing, from MD to NY. Not really remarkable considering the distance, but I’d never really had stuff sent from so close by, plus I wasn’t expecting it, so it was a surprise. To be specific, the package was postmarked March 24th, and it arrived at my dorm on the 26th. I’d imagine it would have been a longer wait time if I had the package sent to Cali.

Also, pandagrl was great with communication. Replied to all my messages in a timely manner, was always really polite and friendly, plus when I told her that I’d asked around but didn’t find any interested friends, she even promised to send me two care package samples to share around. Which she did!

On to the care packages then:

Shiny stuffing was a cute and sweet addition (I totally did not type addiction first) and I for one love shiny junk like that, but it’d probably be a good idea to make this optional. The labels have cute pandas on them, which I like! And they’re very good quality too, come off nicely without residue. Package in general was very good and completely clean, except for one jabbed hole on the side, which I imagine is the postal service’s fault.

Tied package:
Kasugai fruit gummies: one apple, one muscat
Hi-Chews: one green apple, one strawberry
Pudding marshmallow
Chocolate covered corners
Strawberry-filling koala crackers
Strawberry flavor crispiroll
Rice cracker

Flat package:
Jelly straw
Hi-chews: one orange, one strawberry
Kasugai fruit gummy: one apple
Strawberry and white chocolate corners
Rice cracker
Pudding marshmallow
Strawberry marshmallow
Bowser Jr. (!!!!!+?????)
silver twist tie (to seal, maybe? seems a bit sloppy though, feels like you accidentally dropped it in)

First of all, good variety. I haven’t seen/tried some of this stuff, so I’m excited to try them. The others are all popular/safe Asian snacks.

The variation in colors and flavors is good. See if you can get melon flavors as well, those are just as safe as strawberry and chocolate.

Make sure to ask for allergies, or label the snacks that contain nuts, etc- most people know themselves, but if someone orders for a friend, they may not know if their friend has allergies, and I’m betting that there are people who enjoy these snacks without being able to read Japanese/Chinese, and consequently would not understand any warnings printed on the package.

Also- what the heck is this amazing Bowser Jr. thing?? Is it chocolate? I can’t bear to open it. If there are other cool things like this available, I think a video-game theme would be a hit 😉

One suggestion would be personalized notes. Obviously, since mine were samples, and sent to myself, it’s not a complaint XD;; but it would be sweet if you gave customers a couple hundred characters, printed them out and included them in the package. Cute or themed cards would be even more impressive, but definitely more expensive and probably not very efficient.

And I definitely second all the content suggestions the other soompiers put out.

I see on your site that you’ll be taking orders through paypal. I approve 😉

With that, I wish you lots of luck with your business venture! I’m sure it will be successful, and I for one am seriously considering ordering for my friends. I hope my feedback was helpful, and please contact me when you officially launch!