Lunch out



Because fried spring rolls are the best thing for a throat that I should be protecting the night after a long and bomb concert and the day before a phone interview.


For some reason I’ve been eating a little less meat when I’m out. I guess that’s why I make it up with a spring roll.

(If anyone’s interested, I have pictures and a small fan account of the SM Town Live in NYC concert 😉 not sure that fits well into the food idea of the food blog, though.)


Pasta Series 1

I didn’t realize that it’d been a month! Time is going by really quickly this semester… So much to do, so much scheduling to get everything done, so much hanging out with intimidating professors!

Well, to refrain from gypping this blog of a good substantial post after that unexpected hiatus, I’ll post a series.

I’ve been making a lot of pasta. (One reason is because it’s so much faster than the rice cooker…) Here are my pasta collections:

My first time on my own with lotus root, I think. I was paranoid about how dense it was, so I parboiled it before stirfrying with the rest of the ingredients (which was unnecessary, since apparently lotus root isn’t harmful raw) but even after boiling and stirfrying, it was still super-crunchy! Like… kind of rocks-crunchy. Oh well, delicious 😀 Kind of strange to me that it’s not pinkish, which is the color I’m used to in lotus root soup.

Ah, XO sauce makes it so delicious. And I always like fish-fu 🙂

(I’ll dissect this photo for you in another post.)

Noodle-less Chicken Soup and Chicken Noodle Soup

The celery enthusiastically contributed to the color of the soup, but most of the flavor was corn.

My friends were planning a Costco trip, and I’ planned to go with them and get pasta (among other things) but because my friends are pretty horrible schedulers, they didn’t go. (They still haven’t gone.) I gave up and got the pasta at Kmart.

It looks good but is on a very Canto-style flavor spectrum, despite being basically an American food. It was very light and mild-flavored, with the vegetables doing most of the work.

Can you tell I really like this fish-shaped dish?

My reference/thought for the caption was “sushi boat”, but I don’t know if that’s intuitive.

Fried Rice

Carrots and celery, then the old rice and baked chicken from the night before, fried with an egg. IT WAS AMAZING and smelled fantastic. I really needed a bigger frying pan though–I only have the one 8-inch, and this came out to about three normal bowls of rice. I love this fish. It’s great.

Baked Chicken

I covered the chicken drumsticks with pasta sauce (Ragu) and threw it into the oven. Done!

Lacks the feeling of nostalgia since it’s an ‘original idea’ (how much of an idea can two ingredients be?) but there’s that element of new pride for it.

Canned Soup with Sticky Rice

With my diminished cooking supplies (read: lack of dishes and bowls) and possibly time (read: senior year of uni!!!), I foresee this as a possibly common meal for the upcoming year.

The soup is some kind of beef-based canned soup from Progressive. It looks like I also threw in some bell pepper and tomatoes 😛

Honey Lemon 檸檬蜜糖

This is a fantastic bit of food for allergies, headaches and just a general boost of your immune system. This is my first time making it myself, but I took some progress pictures so I could post them here, since I haven’t done that in a long time.

Jump the cut for the instructions!

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